Bruno, The Anaheim Police Dog Shot In The Face, Has Died

Bruno , the Anaheim Police K-9 who was shot in the face by a man in 2014, died Wednesday morning due to health problems associated with the 2014 incident.

The 9-year-old German Shephard was checked into a hospital on Saturday and underwent emergency that night, though he never recovered.

Anaheim police spokesman told the LA Times, "all of the K-9 handlers were there with him" and that "there was a good group of people around him."

Bruno had lived with Officer R. J. Young following his retirement and was the subject of a children's book, penned by Young's daughter.

The Anaheim Police Department said that Bruno "became somewhat of a folk hero following his shooting and recovery" and that "the entire Anaheim community mourns with Bruno's family" in an official statement.

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