Would You Eat This Marc Maron Burger From The Oinkster?

Three years ago, comedian, Highland Park resident and friend of Obama, Marc Maron dabbled in the culinary arts when he teamed up with The Oinkster to create a special burger called 'The Maron Burger.'

In conjunction with the season premiere of Maron next Sunday, May 4, The Oinkster has brought back the Maron Burger for the month of May, and will be available at both Eagle Rock and Hollywood locations starting tomorrow.

Here's what's it is:

Beef Patty stuffed with Chorizo Queso Fundido, sitting on a bed of Escabeche (Housemade Pickled Onions, Carrots & Jalapenos) Lettuce & Chipotle Aioli topped with New Mexico Green Chile Relish.

Nice nods to Maron's New Mexican roots there with the chile relish. You can wash it down with the special Horchata Milkshake made with Fosselman's ice cream, which will be on the menu for all of May, too.