Coachella Style, Day 3: Fanny Packs, Gladiator Sandals & Cats

Coachella was all about the crop tops and ankle boots on Friday, but gladiator sandals and flower cat ears reigned supreme on Sunday.

It was a hot one this weekend in Indio, but that didn't stop festival goers from donning capes, squid hats and other festival accoutrements. We noticed a lot of fanny packs and gladiator sandals, but cats seemed to be the big winner. There were quite a few cat T-shirts, and flower crowns seem to have been tossed aside in favor of flower cat ears. Cutesy backpacks were in full force, and rompers and crop tops continued to make a strong showing as Coachella's first weekend came to a close.

Meow. (Photo by Annie Lesser/LAist)

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