Here's What LAX's Snazzy New People Mover Will Look Like

A partial overview of the Airport People Mover. (Courtesy Los Angeles World Airports)

Seven years from now, in 2023, Los Angeles County Metro promises you’ll be able to take a Metro train right to the airport. A station stop on the upcoming Crenshaw line will link directly to the “LAX Automated People Mover,” giving travelers the option to totally forego those concentric circles of traffic-hell endured by those brave enough to drive into LAX.

According to Curbed LA, Los Angeles World Airports presented series of renderings to the public about a week ago, showing parts of what’s titled the “Landside Access Modernization Program.” The modernization program includes several major changes to the way people get in to and around LAX. Aside from the people mover and train station, LAX will be getting a consolidated rental car center, several new pedestrian walkways, and more public parking.

The consolidated rental car center will draw all the rental car agencies currently scattered around Westchester under one roof. Threading it all together, the people mover will connect travelers to and from the airport terminals directly with the rental car center, train station and an Intermodal Transit Facility, totally eliminating the clumsy system of circling that LAX has today.

Take a look, the future looks slick:

The Intermodal Transit Facility (Courtesy Los Angeles World Airports)

(Courtesy Los Angeles World Airports)

(Courtesy Los Angeles World Airports)

(Courtesy Los Angeles World Airports)

(Courtesy Los Angeles World Airports)

(Courtesy Los Angeles World Airports)