Video: Prince's Amazing Cover Of Radiohead At Coachella Is Back On YouTube

The Purple One has also been the Litigious One. The enigmatic musician, former unpronounceable symbol, and New Girl fan has long had a famous aversion to having his music disseminated on the Internet. He's pulled all of his work from streaming services (except for Tidal, of course), had everything taken down from YouTube that uses his songs, and even once sued 22 of his fans for $1 million each. Prince's music is pretty hard to come by over the web (if you want it for free).

However, on Tuesday morning, Prince himself tweeted a peek into the wealth of Prince deep cuts that were out there but otherwise unavailable, sharing a video of his cover of Radiohead's "Creep" from Coachella in 2008:

Why the change of heart? Seems like Radiohead (who once gave away an album for free on the Internet) finally got their way. A month after the 2008 performance, Thom Yorke was frustrated that his own bandmate, guitarist Ed O'Brien, couldn't see the clip, telling the AP, "Tell him to unblock it. It's our... song."

Well Thom, here it is—and we hope Ed likes it.