Photos: Skaters Turn Ruined Roadway Into World's Greatest Skatepark

Admit it: when you saw how badly buckled Vasquez Canyon Road was from a massive landslide, the first thought that crossed your mind was, "Dude, that would be a sick skatepark."

Out of every problem comes a solution and that's what a professional skate crew consisting of Garrett Hill, Gantry Hill, Jerry Neumann, Elmer Barrero and Jimmy Carlin did when mother nature made the world's greatest skate ramps near Santa Clarita last week. "We all skate and shoot professionally but rarely do we get a chance to skate a spot like this," Gantry Hill told LAist. "It was a special day for sure."

The boys made the best of their time on the closed road but after their pictures started spreading on the Internet, officials fenced off the road to keep out any more skate scoundrels.

Thankfully they chronicled their "special day" in photos to share with the rest of us.