Whoops, Freeway Sign Introduces New Hipster Enclave Of 'Los Fezil'

There's been a long, ongoing debate on how Angelenos should pronounce "Los Feliz." Some say "Fee-lus," while others say "Fey-lease." Maybe we've all been wrong and we should've been reading it as "Fezil" this whole time—well, at least according to one sign maker.

On Tuesday, Redditor Pixelated_Penguin posted online a photo of Caltrans erecting a new shiny green sign on the 5 Freeway, one that read, "Los Fezil Blvd." Pixelated_Penguin wrote, "My husband was out for a walk yesterday evening as Caltrans was changing the signs on the 5... oops."

Some Redditors debated if it should be pronounced "Fee-zill," or "Fay-seel"—as the way locals say it. Others pondered why nobody bothered to spellcheck this one sign before it went up. Regardless, someone at Caltrans spotted the error soon after, and in a sad attempt, tried to fix it:

This isn't the first time we've seen typos on freeway signs. Last November, the 710 Freeway got a brand new sign, one that read, "Olimpic Blvd." It was so embarrassing, Caltrans draped a black tarp over the sign.

Update 12:05 p.m.: Pixelated_Penguin tells LAist that this sign was somehow overlooked despite a two-step approval process. "My husband said that he asked the guys about it, and apparently there's a two stage process for approving these signs, and it got past both of them. But they noticed right away, and were out there with the reflective tape fixing it."