New Eatery's Sandwiches Named After Public Radio Hosts Like Ira Glass

The Kai Ryssdal sandwich at Wax Paper Co. (Photo via Wax Paper Co./Instagram)

All-star public radio hosts like Ira Glass are getting a nod from a soon-to-open sandwich shop in Frogtown.

Wax Paper Co., which comes from the minds of Jon & Vinny's chef de cuisine Peter Lemos and his wife and partner, Lauren Behrle, are paying homage to the hosts we depend on every day on our long commutes, Eater L.A. reports. When the store opens next month, just steps away from the L.A. River and along the bike path, they'll have sandwiches with adorable names, like the Marketplace's "Kai Ryssdal," a tuna and potato confit sandwich; AirTalk's "Larry Mantle," a bologna and capricola on sesame roll; the vegan "Lakshmi Singh" baguette; and Glass' avocado melt with cheddar. The owners will be brewing Ritual coffee, as well as selling cookies and sides.

They'll be in good company, too. They're just a short walk away from Spoke Bicycle Cafe and Frog Spot.

Wax Paper Co. plans on making seasonal sandwiches, so we're crossing our fingers we'll see the additions of the "Audie Cornish" (maybe a cornish game hen type of sandwich) or even a Chery Glaser pie.

Wax Paper Co. is located at 2902 Knox Ave., Frogtown