Overheard In L.A.: Obama Is Looking At Your Snapchats

You only *think* those Snapchats disappear (Photo by focal point via Shutterstock)

This week's edition of Overheard in L.A. features bits of overheard conversation from people who reject societal labels, dermatologists, and Cinespia patrons.

Overheard Of The Week
"Excuse me? Can I ask what brand of almond milk you use here?"
via @jacvanek

So Haunted
"If you pee there, you will pee on a grave and they WILL haunt you."
via @lifeinanutshel at Cinespia

Nobody Puts Me In A Box
"How long have you been a vegetarian?"
"I don't believe in labels."
via @naomigluck

Are You Sure?
"Trust me, the NSA is not looking at our Snapchats."
via @heyalexei

A Specific Expertise
"I'm an expert at hives, let me take a look..."
via @theskylerstone

Really Makes You Think
"Does [the book] have some truth to it? I like the ones that have some truth to it. Makes you think."
via @alex_napkin

I Remember To Wipe
"And another crazy thing I've done is have sex at a gym!"
via @RisseNessaNez

Let Yourself Loose
"Oh it's girls only? That means nobody has to shave their legs."
via @KatyaStambler

Our Overheard in L.A. feature relies on you to send us the strange conversations you overhear in this city. Send them our way at tips@laist.com. (In the e-mail, put "overheard" in the subject and tell us who said it, where they said it and any amusing context.)

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