Claremont: A Great Place To Live Your Twee Wes Anderson Fantasy?

Claremont plans to lure Angelenos to their quaint little town an hour eastward the best way they know how: by portraying it as the perfect city to live out your wildest, twee-est Wes Anderson dreams.

"Claremont has a certain charm and playfulness to it that we felt connected with the Wes Anderson aesthetic," Martin Glegg, director at the agency behind the Discover Claremont, told Ad Age.

It's not a bad fit: Claremont does have a serene, small-town, overeducated vibe going for it. There are places to purchase folk instruments, go incognito if you are an older gent who likes wearing bow-ties (lots of college professors here!) and eat food arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner. The hipster is dead; long live the hipster!

However, despite what the ad suggests, Claremont is a terrible place for a first date, unless you want to spend that first hour of your date on the 210 (a slightly more scenic route) or god forbid, the 10. We'd advise waiting a couple dates until you bring your adorable, bespectacled gal pal for a picnic on the other side of the county.