Photos: Celebrity Fashion At Coachella Weekend 1

Weekend 1 is when all the celebrities, celebrity spawn, models and other scenesters head to Indio to listen to some music and show off their Coachella best. Paris Hilton is on one end of the spectrum with outfits that look like they were planned months in advance. On the other you have Leonardo DiCaprio with his IDGAF beard and T-shirt combo. Celebrities love their fringe, mermaid hair and fake tattoos as well as the rest of the hoi polloi (if we can use the phrase hoi polloi to describe folks who paid $375 just to get in).

Coachella Style, Day 1: Kilts, Floppy Hats, And Some Terrible Tattoos
Coachella Style, Day 2: Shirtless Bros, Headdresses And Watermelons Abound
Coachella Style, Day 3: Beard Flowers, Loincloths And Pajamas