Overheard In L.A.: The Worst Things We Heard At Coachella

Coachella 2015 Day 2 Fashion-17.jpg
Two Coachella-goers attend day two of the festival (Photo by Perhansa Skallerup/LAist)

This week's edition of Overheard in L.A. features bits of overheard conversation from this year's Coachella.

Overheard Of The Week
“I’m super dehydrated but I look SUPER thin.”
via @RestingPlatypus

“Smell my nipple.”
via @HelloSunburn

The Only Way Around The 'No Selfie Stick' Policy
“Yeah, I’ve got really long arms, or as I like to call them, built-in selfie sticks.”
via @blaynebot

Words Of Wisdom
“I hope I don't run into anyone I don't want to run into.”
via @BlakeHodges1

Worst Behavior
“I’m going to break up with him, but after we go see Drake.”
via @kroq

Couldn't Agree More
“Your detox tea instas are almost as sad as the modeling career you think you have.”
via @totalqueenbee

But It's Clearly All About The Music!
"Why'd you even come to Coachella if you didn't want to be tagged in my Insta photo updates?”
via @Jedge25

Time To Hit The Nap Tent
"I don't know if it's the drugs, but I'm awfully sleepy.”
via @assad_from_that

Lots Of Detox Tea?
“You know what I did to get in shape for this, right?”
via @Hollywood

OMFG We're Done
“If I can smuggle my family into the United States of America, I’m gonna smuggle in a goddamn fucking selfie stick.”
via @kyliesparks

Our Overheard in L.A. feature relies on you to send us the strange conversations you overhear in this city. Send them our way at tips@laist.com. (In the e-mail, put "overheard" in the subject and tell us who said it, where they said it and any amusing context.)

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