Photos: Here's A Preview Of The Massive Art Installations At Coachella

Coachella is mostly where millennials go roll and watch bands that have just passed their peak coolness, but the weekend festival also serves as an outdoor art gallery for some pretty cool, massive installations. There was last year's giant astronaut, and the snail the year before that.

Via Curbed LA, here's some of our favorite installations at Coachella this weekend. Check out more pictures over at the Instagram hashtag #emptycoachella.

Coachella Mantis #coachella #emptycoachella

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"Earthmover," by Christian Ristow

This is "The Party God" by @thehaasbrothers @coachella #EmptyCoachella

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"Party God," by Nikolai and Simon Haas. A giant partying cat carved out of marble.

Ready to roam the desert playground. - @coachella @poetickinetics #emptycoachella

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"Caterpillar's Longing," by Poetic Kinetics. This giant monarch butterfly caterpillar (teased in a leaked photo last week) will be roaming the festival grounds. Brought to you by the same people who gave us the astronaut and snail.

One of my favorites - Chrono Cromatic by @aphidoidea @coachella #EmptyCoachella

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"Chrono Chromatic," by Aphidoidea. At night the lights in the column light up to tell the time at every hour.

"Pulp Pavilion," by Ball-Nogues Studio. This giant canopy is made entirely out of recycled paper.

Twelve Shades of Pass.ani Artist: Keith Greco Photo by: @ashtonmorgan #EmptyCoachella

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"Twelve Shades of Pass.ani," by Keith Greco. Shaaaaaaaaaade.

"Big Horn Palace," by Shrine and Joel Dean Stockdill. This pavilion has two rams on the sides and pays tribute to the native big horn sheep of the Coachella Valley.

These any many more will be at the Empire Polo Club grounds this weekend. Don't get run over by that giant caterpillar!