Man Trolls WeHo Bookstore With Hilarious But Fake Self-Help Books

Redditor ObviousPlant claims to have printed up a few hilarious fake book jackets and stealthily placed them on existing books in a West Hollywood bookstore.

It's a decent gag. Design and print up some funny book jackets and disguise real books in your local bookstore with them. These three are allegedly lurking in a self-help section somewhere in West Hollywood. Maybe Book Soup?

There are more photos here.

ObviousPlant actually does this quite a bit. He changed up the wine recommendations at a liquor store; he's hit the bathroom at LACMA; and he advertised the fictitious amusement park 'Dad Land' on a Hollywood Boulevard travel kiosk. He's even been in the bookstore before.

Well-played, sir. Well-played.