Video: DTLA's Giant Pac-Man Maze Looks Fun In This Super Bowl Ad

Remember that giant Pac-Man maze people spotted in the Fashion District a few weeks ago? Well the Super Bowl commercial it's featured in is out already, and it pains us to say this about anything Bud Light related, but it looks super fun.

In the spot, Riley and his fellow hipster-wannabe bros step into a downtown bar and are offered a free bottle of Bud Light with the ominous question, "Are you up for whatever happens next?" In a real world situation it'd probably be advisable to not accept a free alcoholic drink with such a terrorizing proposition. But hey, it's a beer commercial, where the real life consequences of alcohol are easily wiped away with a guy briskly saying, "Pleasedrinkresponsibly" after selling it to you for the last 40 seconds.

Watch the video to see "whatever happens next":

Riley and his bros insert a gigantic quarter at into an equally-gigantic coin slot, and the next thing you know he's in party central and is told by a woman, "YOU, are Pac-Man." Snark aside, running around a human-sized Pac-Man maze as Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde chase you around on roller skates (look closely!) seems like a whole lotta fun. Too bad his prize is... a bottle of Bud Light.

This commercial is a follow-up to last year's "Up For Whatever" Super Bowl ad, which featured Don Cheadle with a llama and playing ping pong against Arnold Schwarzenegger dressed up as Björn Borg. Apparently these ads are supposed to "tap into the energy and optimism of millennials." Got it.