Man Shot In Hollywood While Waiting In His Parked Rolls Royce

A man was shot twice while sitting in his parked Rolls Royce in Hollywood on Friday night, and detectives are still on the search for the gunman who rode off on a bicycle.

Kameron Segal was sitting in his car in a parking lot off the 7500 block of Sunset Boulevard on Friday night when a man riding a bicycle approached him around 8:40 p.m. and shot Segal twice, hitting him in the neck and cheek. Authorities say the man rode off on a 10-speed bicycle, and a reason for the attack remains unclear. "At this time, I can't guess what the motive would be," Detective Raymond Conboy told KTLA.

Segal is the president of William Holdings, a property management company based in Los Angeles. Segal's company is located on the same block where he was shot last night, a few doors down from Meltdown Comics. A friend told NBC 4 that Segal was waiting for a business partner when he was shot.

Police took a man into custody a few blocks away from the shooting but later let him go when it was determined he was not involved. The suspect they are searching for is described a black man in his 30s or 40s and about 6 feet tall.