Photos: There Was A Life-Size Pac-Man Maze In The Fashion District Yesterday

Apparently, Bud Light built a life-sized Pac-Man maze in downtown Los Angeles for a Super Bowl commercial. And to be totally honest, this maze looks pretty cool.

The maze was part of an ongoing campaign called "Up for Whatever" that's meant to make the domestic beer appear cool and hip to millennial drinkers, Chicago Tribune reports. The 60-second commercial is called "Coin" and features a man who will receive a message on a beer bottle to go outside. He will then be given a giant coin, which when put in a giant slot will activate the life-size game.

The LA Fashion District newsletter sent out some aerial shots of the maze set up in a parking lot near 9th and Main Street. Here's what it looked like lit up at night:

Is this available for parties?

Playing a life sized virtual pac-man game in downtown for a new beer commercial

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