Mosh Pit Crowd Knocks Out Dude Who Slashed Someone During Concert

La Habra 300 Bowl houses The 13th Frame, where concerts are held (Photo by Corey Miller via the LAist Featured Photos pool on Flickr)

A crowd took matters into their own hands at a heavy metal concert in Orange County Wednesday night by knocking a guy out cold after he used a knife to cut another man in the mosh pit.

A fight broke out between a group of men and women in the mosh pit around 11:15 p.m. at La Habra 300 Bowl, a bowling alley located at 370 E. Whittier Blvd, according to KTLA. There were about 150 people who attended the concert that night.

La Habra police told NBC Los Angeles that 30-year-old Adam Merrill apparently was not having it with people pushing him around in the pit and then took out a knife and cut a man on his neck.

The fight spilled outside, where several folks banded together and beat up Merill until he was unconscious. Merill and the man who was stabbed were both taken to the hospital. The victim has non-life threatening injuries, and they're both expected to survive.

Merill is expected to be charged with assault of a deadly weapon.