Video: Coyote Rings In 2015 With A Stroll Through Downtown

Well, it looks like we have a new visitor downtown. A man captured a video of a what appears to be coyote taking a stroll through downtown streets in the wee hours of the morning.

Ernie Pearl posted this video today on Facebook of the wild animal walking south on Broadway near Sunset Boulevard, he says. Pearl writes, "As an Uber driver I have seen many things in downtown LA in the wee hours of 4am. Never would I ever think of seeing a coyote roaming the urban streets of downtown."

In May, NBC Los Angeles reported that coyotes have not just been making their rounds through hillside areas, but have been increasingly roaming streets, calling it an "urban jungle."

Gregory Randall, an L.A. wildlife specialist, told NBC Los Angeles that it's a growing problem that people have been feeding coyotes. "Coyotes are willing to approach, even sometimes beg for food because people have thrown food to them," he said.

He reminds folks that coyotes aren't pets, and that feeding these wild animals will only make them less afraid of humans, which could put the neighborhood at risk. However, he also stressed that they're important in nature because they keep the rat population in check in the neighborhoods.

One of our LAist editors pointed out that this video reminds him of a scene from 2004 film Collateral where Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx are in a taxi together, driving down the streets of Los Angeles when they encounter two coyotes roaming the streets: