20 Photos From A Rare SoCal Snowstorm

It's an odd, rare sight: Southern California subdivisions with palm trees and swimming pools covered in snow. The hillier parts of the region from the Grapevine to Riverside County all the way to San Diego County got a fine dusting of snow last night and this morning.

Here's a classically Southern California subdivision totally whited out:

Nothing says #SoCalSnow like a snowman with native plants:

Or snow next to a backyard pool:

Another very SoCalian take on a snowy tradition:

Nice views of sunny Southern California (Orange and San Diego counties) with snow-capped hills in the distance:

The storm caught some off-guard, causing crashes and snarled traffic and leaving some motorists stranded:

Riverside County was hit hard, including Temecula and its vineyards:

The desert got a light dusting, too:

It's not unusual seeing snow-capped San Gabriels, but they're still beautiful:

Further east:

Closer to home, La Crescenta saw snowflakes but it wasn't nearly as dramatic as the other snowstorms:

Maybe one year we'll get lucky and see snow in Los Angeles proper. It happens.