Video: Forget About Taxicab Confessions, L.A. Gets Its Own Taco Truck Confessions

We've seen our share of taxicab confessions, but now there's a video out there that gives us a glimpse at what taco truck confessions are all about—and we love it.

L.A. Taco blog released their nearly five-minute teaser on Tuesday of a new video series they're working on that drops in January where they interview folks from different backgrounds grubbing on tacos and sharing their stories about what it's like living in L.A. In the preview, we get to hear people ruminate on the problem with bikini bars, getting stuck in the friend zone and getting tested for STDs. Best of all, we hear some dude describe a burrito as "chunky as fuck," in regards to its size.

And looking at the tacos, quesadillas and burritos everyone was munching on in the video got our stomachs growling as they gave some love to some some of the best in Los Angeles like Taco Zone, Tacos Arizas, Gus' Lunch Box, Leo's Taco Truck and Danny's Tacos.

The Best Taco Trucks in Los Angeles