Nick Offerman Professes His Love For Whisky With A Ballad

Nick Offerman is a man of many talents. In real life (not to be confused with his Ron Swanson character he plays on Parks and Recreation), he's a woodworker, has the ability to grow an impressive broom mustache, and is skilled on the acoustic guitar. Oh, and he's also talented at writing ballads professing his love for whisky.

In this Scottish-like ballad (there are the sounds of bagpipes in the intro), Offerman laments about loving whisky, but not being able to drink it while he's doing other things he enjoys in life like playing the guitar, doing woodwork and riding a horse. We understand completely.

This music video is part of a YouTube series called "My Tales of Whisky," a collaboration Offerman is doing with Diageo, maker of Scottish whiskies like Lagavulin and Oban. As for what we can expect in this series, according to the YouTube page: "The storylines range from an epic transcontinental journey in which Offerman proves his love and knowledge of scotch, to a mockumentary on how Oban scotch gets made by the most gorgeous people on earth."