4 Recipes To Celebrate National Kale Day

Today is National Kale Day, and while we don't normally support the profuse amount of national food holidays, this is definitely one we can get behind. In honor of this festive, fiber-filled occasion, we've compiled a few of our absolute favorite kale recipes for you.

Photo by Krista Simmons/LAist

Massaged Kale With Ponzu, Ginger, and Sesame: We got the idea for this salad from our recent obsession—the Emerald Kale Salad—at Whole Food's deli counter, but it's so easy to make at home that you might as well do it yourself. You won't even have to battle the yoga pant-clad masses for the attention of the deli guy behind the counter. Get the recipe here.'

Photo by Krista Simmons/LAist

Kale Salad with Sunflower Seeds, Parmesan, and Dried Cherries: The saltiness of the parmesan cheese paired with the sweet dried cherries is a real treat. You can also use chopped up fresh fruits if they're in season, but we love the intense burst of flavor from the dehydrated version. You can find the recipe here.'

(Photo by Krista Simmons/LAist)

Coconut Kale Crusher Smoothie: Whole fruit smoothies are a great opportunity to get in all the greens you possibly can. But you shouldn't pack them with ice. That's a missed chance to get more vitamins (and great flavor!) in the mix. When your fruit or veg is about to go bad, freeze it! Bananas, avocados, and berries add creamy coolness that will take it over the top. This one uses coconut, kale, and frozen avocado to make for a creamy, fresh treat. You can get the recipe here.

Photo via the Bi Rite Market's Good Food Cookbook/France Ruffenach

Bi-Rite Market's Kale Caesar: This fantastic update on an Italian classic is super zesty, and we make it at least once a week. It's the perfect accompaniment to a steak or roast chicken dinner, or served on it's own. We've even topped it with seared bison and it's been great. Here's how it's done.