This Coffee Shop Puts Your Espresso Shots In Mini, Chocolate-Covered Waffle Cones

Alfred Coffee's espresso shot served in a chocolate-covered waffle cone (Photo by Jean Trinh/LAist)

We've seen some food mash-ups in our time, like cronuts and cookie-and-milk shooters. But now there's a new one in town: a Los Angeles coffee shop is jazzing up your espresso and macchiato shots by serving them inside adorable, chocolate-covered waffle cones.

Alfred Coffee & Kitchen unveiled their new item just a couple of weeks ago, and plan on keeping it around. We've also seen cafes like Zia Valentina in the Original Farmers Market come up with the same idea, so there may be a trend going on.

However, as cute and fun to nibble on as they are (though they can get messy with all that melted chocolate), they're a bit pricey. Alfred has a "secret menu" sign on their counter that says the small cones cost $5 a pop, but you also have to factor in the original price of the Stumptown espresso or macchiato shots, which makes it come out to $8 and $9, respectively.

Alfred Coffee & Kitchen is located at 8428 Melrose Place in West Hollywood, (323) 944-0811