Map: Our Statistically Accurate Guide To The Best Restaurants In Los Angeles

The beautifully-composed EVO cake at Hinoki and the Bird (Photo by Krista Simmons/LAist)

We love round-ups of the best restaurants in the city as much as the next blog, but these typically represent the viewpoint of only one outlet or even one critic. To create a three-dimensional view of the best restaurants in the city, whether old or new, data head Steven Melendez examined lists and reviews from the city's most respected sources for all things food. (This time we didn't take cost into account, so many of these restaurants are spendy!)

Here's how Melendez broke things down. One point each was awarded for:

Below, is LAist's Statistically Accurate List of the Best Restaurants in Los Angeles with tips about why each eatery deserves a visit.