Photos: Outrageous Eats (And Lines) At KTown Night Market

Ktown Night Market celebrated it's first installment this Friday and Saturday, drawing nearly 80,000 visitors from L.A. and beyond. Festival goers braved ridiculously long lines to experience authentic Korean cuisine, live entertainment, fusion food trucks, and most of all, a celebration of one of L.A.'s most bustling communities.

Eddie Lin of Deep End Dining deemed the festival Seoul-chella, and we'd have to agree. Between the long lines, heavy hip hop, hot chicks, and epic food on sticks, it felt like our own Asian Coachella in the city's center.

Though the focus was on Korean food, there were also plenty of food trucks involved too. Yong Kim, Ted Kim, and Chris Oh of Seoul Sausage helped curate the collection of road stoves, which included shave ice from the Fluff Ice truck and crave-worthy behemoth burgers from Grill Em All.

It was hard to find a line that was shorter than a 30 minute wait, but we imagine that just like the first 626 Night Markets, the kinks will be ironed out as the event moves forward.

Here's what we had to eat. You can also watch a video of the event below.