Stanley Kubrick's Daughter Shares Cool Photos Of Herself Working On Dad's Old Sets

Vivian Kubrick, the reclusive daughter of film legend Stanley Kubrick, shared a treasure trove of priceless pictures of her while she hung around the sets of her father's most famous films. The rare photos were all posted on Twitter last night in a string of nostalgic moments that Kubrick shared with her father.

The pictures show many of Kubrick's iconic sets in a completely new light. There's Vivian reclining in the Korova Milk Bar set from A Clockwork Orange; on location with her father during the filming of Full Metal Jacket, of which she composed the score; in the cutting room working on her documentary Making "The Shining"; even playing with baby chimps that were used in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Kubrick closed her photo sharing session with a promise of more to come: