'Judgmental' Map Labels Every Part Of Los Angeles Area

The most judgmental map, ever? (Map courtesy of Judgmentalmaps.com)

What's that? You want another map that dishes out labels to all parts of Los Angeles? Well, here you go.

Map Urbane kind of did it first, but the good people at judgmentalmaps.com hope to bring the "not really a map but just a thing to ruffle people's feathers" shtick to a new level (for one thing, this one is a lot more accurate).

Some highlights:

  • Culver City being called a "wannabe arts district"

  • West Adams/Jefferson Park/Anywhere along the Expo Line is "ripe for future gentrification"

  • Hollywood is full of annoying tourists (duh)

  • Echo Park and Silverlake are full of hipsters and gay guys with beards. (DUH)

  • Much of the Valley gets a big old "Meh."
You can look at a bigger version of the map here. So what part of judgmental Los Angeles do you live in?