Video: Samuel L. Jackson Goes Off On KTLA Reporter After Being Mistaken For Laurence Fishburne

Well, this is probably the most uncomfortable thing to ever come out of the KTLA Morning News. Veteran entertainment reporter Sam Rubin, who has been in the business for over 20 years, just mistook Samuel L. Jackson for Laurence Fishburne this morning.

TMZ has the video, which is just as awkward as you might think. Sam starts it off by asking Jackson, who was there to plug the Robocop reboot, about his recent Super Bowl commercial—you know, the one where Laurence Fishburne revisits his iconic Morpheus character from The Matrix.

And that's when Jackson lets Rubin have it.

"See, you're as crazy as the people on Twitter," Jackson scolds. "I'm not Laurence Fishburne! We don't all look alike!"

You can hear Rubin's fellow anchors crack up in the background as Rubin unsuccessfully attempts some kind of damage control, but Jackson wasn't done. "There must be a very short line for your job out there," Jackson quips to an embarrassed Rubin.

Rubin then tries to force a subject change by asking about Robocop, to which Jackson responds, "Oh hell no! Really?"

"I'm the other guy. There's more than one black guy doing commercials," Jackson says. "I'm the 'what's in your wallet' black guy. He's the car black guy."

Watch the video if you want to see a seasoned entertainment reporter's reputation melt down in less than two minutes.

This all reminds us of a particularly hilarious moment from the show "Extras."

UPDATE 10:45: Rubin apologized for the moment, saying that he was talking about Jackson's appearance in the new trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Jackson mistook it for Fishburne's car commercial. Despite this, Rubin said Jackson's reprimand was well deserved: