Photos: Kelly Thomas Protesters Shut Down Traffic, Police Come Out in Riot Gear

Police came out in riot gear to disperse protesters demonstrating against the Kelly Thomas verdict, who came out Saturday to block traffic in Fullerton.

The second major protest of the week in Fullerton (following Monday night’s protest) found demonstrators gathering in front of the Fullerton Police Department headquarters and blocking traffic at the intersection of Commonwealth Ave. and Highland Ave., according to Voice of OC and Twitter users.

Police eventually came out in riot gear to meet the protesters around 3 p.m., as video showed.

Passing cars could be heard honking in support of the protesters on live video of the protest.

UPDATE 1/19, 12:33 p.m.: Police have arrested 14 people involved with the protest, The Associated Press reports. One person was initially arrested for assault, two for vandalism and 10 for refusing to disperse. Later, a 14th person was arrested for trying to steal from a local market. Around 200 people participated in the protest.

Ed. note: We had a picture in our gallery that we thought was from the Kelly Thomas protest on Saturday. We learned that it was from a separate protest and we have taken the picture down. LAist regrets the error.