Bear Rides Shotgun In a Lamborghini, Is Awesome

So, you're walking down the street in Huntington Beach and you see a Lamborghini on the side of the road. Naturally, you stop and check it out. But wait, what's this? People have crowded around this yellow beacon of fast driving and money.

"Why?" you ask yourself.

Because there's a bear just hanging out in the passenger seat. The driver's pet bear. Yes, a real bear, according to Jalopnik. His name is Yogi, and he might be the best carpool partner ever.

Reddit user everlonghesaid posted the picture of the commotion on r/WTF:

"There was a guy blocking the street outside of my work in a Lamborghini with a fucking bear. A FUCKING BEAR NO JOKE."

A man claiming to own the Lambo (and more importantly, Yogi) decided to leave a comment:
"Yep, that's my car and my pet bear, Yogi! ;) Keep an eye out for a video hitting the web shortly!


A video? Yes, please.

Update, 12:45 p.m.: Don't worry, animal lovers. The "bear" in the Lamborghini is just a hilarious prank.

Update, 12:25 p.m.: Here's a video of the bear, AKA Yogi, AKA Lambearghini:

If Yogi is real, he's also illegal. California law states it's unlawful to import, transport, or possess certain live animals, including bears. Permits are not granted for private pet possession in those cases.