Celebs Dress Up Like Other Sexy Celebs: Miley As Lil Kim, Ellen As Nicki Minaj

For Halloween, celebs like to dress up as, what else, other celebs. Miley Cyrus instagrammed several photos of her wearing Lil Kim's nipple-riffic VMA outfit from 1999, while both Paris Hilton and Kelly Ripa channeled Miley's infamous VMA barely-there teddy-bear onesie from this year. (So did Miley's male assistant.)

Ellen Degeneres, with the help of some very fake boobs, dressed up as another former American Idol judge Nicki Minaj. Holly Robinson Peete opted for a less scandalous Nicki outfit for her appearance on The Wendy Williams Show.

The always-classy Miley also tweeted, "Happy Halloween, hoes."

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