James Deen Is Jon Snow In 'Game Of Thrones' Porn Parody, 'Game Of Bones'

Game of Thrones is getting a porn parody, named, but of course, Game of Bones: Winter Is Cumming. It stars The Canyons' James Deen as Jon Snow and it's true he knows nothing, including who Jon Snow is!

As Deen told The Daily Dot, "I know nothing, really. I had actually never heard of it until the other day when I shot this porno." As far as he can determine, the HBO series, "seems like it's about British people that are walking around in the cold and they bang a lot."

Actually... accurate. The series is already so packed with naked people having sex that SNL devoted a skit explaining that the gratuitous female nudity was courtesy of a 13-year-old consultant who "makes sure there are lots of boobs in the show."

Deen said he's doing the parody because he loves the company, Woodrocket.com, "I'll pretty much do anything they ask. Sometimes I film [webseries] 'James Deen Loves Food'... Sometimes I play a dude who's British and I bang a redheaded girl in a cave."

And sometimes he bangs a redheaded girl (and a bunch of other people) in a posh house in Malibu.

Game of Bones premieres October 25 on Woodrocket.com, in case you were wondering when it's, er, coming.

For cast photos and more details about the pornification of the epic series, check out this io9 article. Among other tidbits, King Joffrey will be "played by a legal-aged female."