Banksy Rumored To Be Returning to Los Angeles

It's been awhile since UK street artist Banksy has produced new works, and even longer since he has hit the streets of Los Angeles, but a recent posting on his website has fired up the rumor mill.

The website was switched up to show the photo of a single piece, and "Better Out Than In, October 2013."

Banksy followers say the piece is likely in L.A., though an exact location has yet to be determined by local enthusiasts. And this is, of course, a real Banksy; it was just a few weeks ago a faux Banksy was debunked. (Remember, not all street art is Banksy.)

The photo posting is driving speculation that Banksy is prepping a new art show this October, and that it will take place in L.A., notes street art blog Melrose + Fairfax.

The last time Banksy made a really big splash in Los Angeles was in early 2011, when a diverse set of pieces went up all over town, including the Crayola Shooter, an incendiary Charlie Brown, and a high-profile billboard, among others.