Video: Grateful Dead Visits Hugh Hefner and Playboy After Dark, 1969

A little conversation, a little music, plus cocktails and beautiful Playboy models make for the perfect party setting. That was the premise for the interview and music show Playboy After Dark, which filmed at CBS Television City in L.A. and featured Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner, his playmates, and a room full of partygoers enjoying some entertainment.

The show ran just two years, 1969-1970. Here, from 1969, is the Grateful Dead's visit, which kicks off with a poncho-clad Jerry Garcia shooting the breeze with Hef, who's decked out in a tux. Before playing "Mansions of the Moon," to the mellow cafe crowd, Hef and Garcia talk about the counterculture, with Garcia basically debunking the mystique of San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury scene ("it's just a street").

Enjoy this brief strange journey into the video vaults of "Playboy After Dark."