Gay Porn Star Tests Positive For HIV

Rod Daily/Image via Facebook

In the wake of porn star Cameron Bay testing positive for HIV, Bay's boyfriend, 32-year-old gay porn star Joshua Rogers, has announced that he too is infected with the virus.

The Daily News reports that Rogers, who goes by the stage name Rod Daily, found out about his status after Bay was tested. He won't say if he knows for sure how he came in contact with the virus, but does claim that he doesn't "have a crazy lifestyle."

Bay's announcement of her own positive test prompted an industry-wide shutdown, while other actors who had worked with Bay since August 19 were tested and cleared for the virus.

The shutdown wasn't mandatory, but the industry does pride itself on self-regulation when it comes to STDs and safety. Porn production resumed about a week after it was initially halted.

According to the Daily News, Rogers was tested at a private clinic in Arizona. He claims that he has been dating Bay for about a year.

Rogers is also posting updates on Twitter about his status, starting yesterday: