Porn Pause: Actor's Positive HIV Test Halts Production in L.A.

Photo by Alister G Jupp via Shutterstock

Porn production in Los Angeles was ground to a halt Wednesday after an adult film actor tested positive for HIV.

"The Free Speech Coalition, the Canoga Park-based trade group for the adult-film industry, called for the moratorium after consulting with Adult Production Health and Safety Services, a group of medical providers that test performers," reports the Daily News.

Stopping production is not mandatory, however "the bigger players in the industry generally work with the coalition," which aims to protect performers in the porn business.

In a statement issued Wednesday, the group explains they are working with a doctor to "contact and treat performers for any possible exposure involving the primary patient" and that the unidentified actor who tested positive will receive further testing, notes L.A. Now.

Just last Friday, the porn industry saw another nail pounded into the coffin for the movement to stop the implementation of Measure B, aka the "Condoms in Porn" law, when a federal judge rejected their claim the mandate was unconstitutional.

Many in the industry believe their self-regulation is adequate to ensure performer safety, and Duke notes that this recent HIV test and the industry's quick reaction is a result of those self-checks within the adult film business.

It is not clear how long the voluntary moratorium will be in place.