Photo: Wendy's Employee Drinks Frosty Straight From the Nozzle

A photo has surfaced on Reddit of a Wendy's employee drinking a frosty straight out of the spigot at the fast food chain. Though the worker's name and location hasn't yet been identified, we have to give this guy some props, regardless of the health safety violations.

Our hats go off to this fast food employee, who did what we've all fantasized about doing at least once in our lives. Way to live the dream, man.

Just next time, make sure there aren't any cameras around. Because you're likely going to end up all over the news, and then get laid off. Just like the Taco Bell worker that decided to lick all those taco shells last week.

Wendy's is already hot on the trail of figuring out just who this guy is. Says KTLA:

If it was real, the photo was “totally inexcusable,” Wendy’s spokesman Bob Bertini said.

Wendy’s was investigating and would take appropriate action, according to Bertini.

Inexcusable, yes. But also inexcusably awesome.