Video: 'The Women of L.A.' Fire Back At the So-Called 'Nice' Guys

The viral video "Women Of L.A." depicting local ladies as super-hot, super superficial, money-grubbing coke whores (or, you know, ugly fat chicks from the Valley) was crying out for a response. It was called the "Anti-Female Anthem of 2013," and it got a big ol' eyeroll from Jezebel.

Comedian Julia Griswold created a response video in the same vein (minus the C-list celebs) poking fun at the "nice" guys of L.A. You know, the "nice" guys who complain about "stupid sluts" who won't give them a chance, "bitches" who won't put out at the end of a date and the ugly girls who shouldn't even try. Their motto: "We deserve to get laid. We are the nice guys of L.A."