Girl Scouts Add New Cookie to Repertoire: Mango Creme

It's Girl Scout cookie time, a.k.a. the best time of the year, and this year, alongside your usual three boxes of Thin Mints and one box of Caramel DeLites, there's something new on the menu for us all to enjoy: the Mango Creme.

That's right! After decades of reliable cookie providing, the Scouts have branched out into new territory by introducing the Oreo-esque delight, which features vanilla and coconut cookie shells and mango-flavored creme filling.

And, according to the website ABC Smart Cookies, eating these Mango delciousnesses is basically like eating a handful of cranberries: They contain no trans fats, hydrogenated oils, or preservatives. Literally:

Crunchy vanilla and coconut cookies feature a mango-flavored creme filling with all the nutrient benefits of eating cranberries, pomegranates, oranges, grapes, and strawberries!

So go ahead and eat that cookie: it's like you're having a fruit salad.