Video: Rollerbladers Glide Down 405 Freeway During Carmageddon II

A group of rollerbladers nabbed on the 405 Freeway finally released a video of their exploits more than two months after Carmageddon II.

Four rollerbladers (or inline skaters, whatever) took a short skate down the 405 Freeway and were nabbed just as they took an off-ramp. The video just released this week explains how they got caught: a CHP patrol car on the freeway caught a glimpse of the reflective seam on one of the skaters outfits (h/t LA Weekly). (Rookie move!) The CHP officer radioed it in, and another CHP car stopped the skaters just as they got off the exit and cited them.

A couple of newlyweds taking a romantic stroll down the empty 405 that evening were also cited. Now that we'd really love to see pictures of, even if it is almost three months late!

Carmegeddun II The Skate from crimanimalz-skate on Vimeo.

How Romantic: Newlyweds Detained After Taking A Stroll On The Empty 405