It's The Triathlon Not Carmageddon II That's Ruining Our Lives

When it comes to dealing with Carmageddon, Angelenos seem to have their routines down pat. A triathlon on the other hand? That is what seems to be doing us in.

Thanks to the Herbalife Los Angeles Triathlon, not only did Angelenos have to avoid a 10-mile stretch of the 405 freeway today, they had to avoid using basically most North-South streets that crossed over Venice Boulevard or Olympic Boulevard all the way from Fairfax to downtown. The 10 Freeway got backed up, too, because people were using it to cross over Venice Boulevard, according to City News Service.

It didn't matter if you were on bus, on foot or on bike: it was pretty ugly out there for anyone who wanted to cross over those major thoroughfares.

So what was up with the planning? The Herbalife Los Angeles Triathlon was actually given permits long before Carmageddon II was scheduled. 2,500 competitors competed this morning.

In case you missed it, here's a lot of bitching on Twitter from people who made the mistake of leaving their homes: