Honeymoon Over My Hammy: Denny's Opening Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas

Photo by niiicedave via Flickr

Nothing says romance like the stench of greasy bacon after a long night spent gambling, so it follows that legendary breakfast purveyor Denny's should open up a wedding chapel in Las Vegas.

And indeed they are.

The Las Vegas Sun reports that the restaurant chain is planning to build a 6,432-square-foot location inside Neonopolis, a massive indoor mall on Fremont Street that anchors a budding nightlife scene. Marriages will be performed smack in the middle of the restaurant's dining area, so that you can enjoy your Grand Slam while watching other people alter their lives forever.

Frances Allen, Denny's chief marketing officer, told the Sun that the restaurant, which Denny's is calling a "flagship," makes perfect sense: "The wedding scene is such a part of Vegas," he said, "and who doesn't want a wedding cake made out of pancakes?"

Who indeed.