Google Puts Hiking Trails on Street View, Captures Your Runyon Canyon Workout

By Sam Brodey

Wish you could visually check out a new hiking trail before setting off? Get a sense of the trail's difficulty, scenery and surroundings? Or, maybe just take a peek and see if you'll be burning calories and communing with the outdoors alongside A-list celebrities? Thankfully, Google's here to solve yet another first-world problem by expanding their useful (and hilarious) Street View service to hiking trails.

GOOD reports that the tech giant recently demonstrated the Street View Trekker, a backpack-camera contraption that they'll be using to capture hiking trails and other no-cars byways.

Apparently, we won't have visuals as comprehensive as Street View's for a few more years, but we'll bet that L.A.'s paths and trails will be among the first to be graced by the Trekker. Time will tell whether the dorky-looking packs will be commandeered by enterprising paparazzi in Runyon Canyon.

Which local trails would you like to see on your screen, L.A.?