A Dozen of L.A.'s Best Donuts in Honor of National Donut Day

L.A. puts on a front of being a health-obsessed city, but at our core, Angelenos love food. How else could you explain the heated arguments over who procures the perfect gourmet burger? Or the hours spent debating what elements constitute the perfect pizza pie? And don't even get us started on the issue of a perfectly-fried donut. Heck, For Your Art even hosted a 24 Hour Donut City pop-up this year. Lines were out the door into the wee hours of the night.

So in honor of National Donut Day, we bring you a photo gallery of a dozen of LA's best donuts. Wether you're a fan of a traditional plain cake donut from Bob's, or a creamy custard-filled from Stan's, this set is sure to give you hunger pangs. In case they get really bad, we've built you a handy dandy donut map to get you to your nearest fried dough fix. You're welcome.