"Whitney Houston" Weed Makes Brief Appearance at Local Dispensary

Puff, puff, lawsuit? Recently a Los Angeles-area medical marijuana dispensary was selling a strain of weed named "Whitney Houston Og," in honor of the late singer.

Your hit of Whit was listed as available—temporarily—at 45 Cap Elite Herbal Center, according to the Huffington Post, who found the strain included on the venue's page on WeedMaps.com.

The dispensary also had a "Charlie Sheen Og" variety listed online. Both strains were removed from the site listing after the HuffPo (or should we say "puff"?) called the shop to confirm their stock. One of their questions was if the Houston estate knew that a strain of weed was being sold under the singer's name.

Houston died suddenly on the eve of the Grammy Awards in her Beverly Hills hotel room. An autopsy confirmed the singer's death was due in part to complications of drug use.

A lawyer unaffiliated with the Houston estate, described by the HuffPo as "a prominent trademark attorney" told the publication the shop "was probably violating the singer's right of publicity, which protects the commercial use of celebrities without their, or their estate's, consent."

Of course, one can image the improbability of the Houston camp giving that item the okay.

Before it disappeared from at least the online menu, a customer did leave a review of their experience smoking the "Whitney Houston Og" weed:

I stopped by here to pick up whatever I could with the cash I had. I told myself that I was going to be o optimistic. It was close to the house! So, upon arrival I was able to grab a park right at the front door! Checking in was cool, as I had been there before! He mentioned that I hadn't been there in a while, Thanksgiving to be exact! I walked in looked at the board & all I saw was Whitney Houston! Ok so I had to get this...right? Well of course I did! It looked good, smelled good, taste good....and SMOKED good! The high was bomb & we're definitely gonna get some for 4-20!!!!!