Is Carmageddon Responsible for a Bunch of New Babies?

Photo by sabianmaggy via Flickr

NBC Los Angeles and Cedars-Sinai have delved into an issue affecting each and every one of us: did Carmageddon cause a baby boom?

The query is explored in an article today, in which hospital employees note a rise in enrollment for prenatal classes and several couples suggest that the free time they had during Carmageddon weekend may have resulted in some Carma-nookie, which in turn might have called forth the stork.

“We weren’t going anywhere,” one new mom told NBC. “We had no plans dealing with any kind of traffic.”

Experts also grant that any time a couple is under less stress than usual — like, say, when they know they're staying home all weekend — they're more likely to conceive.

Angelenos, do you know anyone who's having a Carmageddon baby?