Sock Puppet Sitcom Theater Takes on 'Three's Company'

'Three's Company' is reinterpreted for the stage on Wednesday in Atwater Village. (Photo of Mr. Roper: Sock Puppet Sitcom Theater)

We finally discovered what happens to the socks we lose in the laundry: They run off to do live theater.

On Wednesday night at Atwater Village Crossing (ATX) Performance Lounge, the Sock Puppet Sitcom Theater troupe, led by puppet producers Glamour Puss and Frenchie and assisted by human producer Mark Hayward, open a new live theater series sure to appeal to boob tube watchers of all ages.

These sock puppets perform classic sitcom pilots live onstage once a month. First up is the 1977 TV show Three's Company with John Ritter (Jack Tripper), Suzanne Somers (Chrissy Snow) and Joyce DeWitt (Janet Wood). In case you don't remember the pilot episode, the girls convince their landlords,The Ropers, to let them have a male roommate—by telling them that Jack's gay. Let the follies and hijinks begin.

The sock puppets perform monthly going forward, taking on these familiar shows: I Love Lucy, Friends, Hogan's Heroes, Roseanne and The Golden Girls.

Sock Puppet Sitcom Theater Presents: Three’s Company at Atwater Crossing Performance Lounge, Wednesday, April 11 at 8:30 pm. Tickets are $10 online, $12 at the door or $50 for VIP season passes.