Overheard in L.A.: Promoting Your Assets

By Ana Ottman / Special to LAist

Self-confidence is a universally attractive feature on people. L.A. seems to have its own definition of this trait, though. Read on for overheard conversation on scrapbooking, Carrot Top and wizards.

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Overheard of the Week
“They should make a show called The Face instead of The Voice. I'd totally win that.”
In Larchmont Village via @elisabethfitz

Career Sabotage, L.A. Style
Person 1: “Can I tell you, her career's been mismanaged…”
Person 2: [unintelligible response]
Person 1: “Oh, that's all her?!”
Via @JamesRyen

So, You’re Into Polos?
“This is the best place I've been to since Ralph Lauren in Chicago.”
At Seven Grand via @TimothyRagan

Reality Check
Door Woman: “Look, I’m not letting you in unless I recognize you, and I don’t recognize you, so
get in line.”
At The Standard via @Cory_Kennedy

Attracting Men 101
“Girl, never show a man your scrapbooks OR vision boards. It screams crazy town.”
Via @jennykoreny

Mission: Organize Pity-Parties
“I want to start a nonprofit called Women Against Allergies - or WAAaaaa for short.”
Via @WordPicture

How to Make an App Sound Dirty
“I just Instagramed all over this place.”
At BeCore offices via @BeCoreLA

Danny Bonaduce is Unavailable
“I can make a call and we can have Carrot Top perform the ceremony.”
Via @brianmccarthy1

What’s It Like To Be a Virgin At Your Age?
“I can't wait to become a full-fledged wizard.”
Via @PunkRockSkeptic