L.A. Art Show Solidifies City's Place in the Arts and Culture World

By Rebecca Joyce/Special to LAist

The L.A. Art Show is the largest event of L.A. Arts Month and continues to promote Los Angeles as a significant arts destination, while solidifying our place as a relevant hub of arts and culture in the world.

Garnering the most attention is a sculpture by artist Mark Mothersbaugh consisting of two Scion cars' halves fused together forming a split, mirror-image figure. The sculpture matches a display of prints in which people's faces have been bisected and fused. (You can see the installation later at MOCA.)

In another hall, the Los Angeles Fine Art Show showcases paintings and sculptures for the traditional art collector. For the first time, the two fairs have been separated for a more immersive experience. Between the two is the L.A. Fine Print Fair, which features live printmaking demonstrations throughout the weekend.

The China Pavilion, housed inside the Fine Art Show, features traditional Chinese paintings and a beautiful Chinese reading room to fully immerse the viewer. The pavilion is part of a two-year program to bring Chinese art to the American viewer and collector. Over a dozen Chinese galleries are represented in both the traditional and modern art fairs.

The fair runs through Sunday in the West Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center. For more information visit the event's website.